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Fashion, Fashion Week, Luxury, TikTok

Monica Awe


Active Platform: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube
Total Reach: 215K+

“When people look good, they actually feel great!”

Monica Awe-Etuk is Atlanta’s beloved fashion and lifestyle content creator. With over 11 years of inspiring content creation, Monica’s passion for fashion blossomed into a thriving brand. Through her platforms, she shares style tips, lifestyle insights, and educates her audience on luxury fashion and lifestyle, amassing over a million views.

Location: Atlanta

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Culture, Family, Fashion, Fashion Week, Luxury

Chee Smalls


Active Platform: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube
Total Reach: 221K+

“Build An Impactful Wardrobe”

Meet Chee, a career woman from Harlem, NYC. She’s a wife, mom, and a driving force at Coach, where she leads innovation in design. Chee also runs a fashion platform that empowers women to create impactful wardrobes.

Location: New York

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Beauty, Culture, Entertainment, Fashion, Fashion Week, Luxury, Speaker

Kéla Walker


Active Platform: Instagram, TikTok
Total Reach: 133K+

“Self-Taught, Self-Made & Well-Dressed”

At the Tribeca Film Festival, amidst the glitz and glamour, an unassuming figure stood out – Kela Walker, a journalist and producer by trade. Her journey began in a small North Carolina town, marked by simplicity. On that red carpet, she discovered her natural talent for hosting and interviewing, propelling her on an unexpected path.

Today, Kéla Walker is a sought-after media personality known for her fashion content and internet-breaking interviews.

Location: New York

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Beauty, Culture, Entertainment, Fashion, Fashion Week, Luxury, Speaker, TikTok

Asha Kamilah


Active Platform: Instagram, TikTok
Total Reach: 124K+

“Wear The Color Sis”

Harlem’s soul courses through Asha’s veins, moving to the epicenter of Black culture, was transformative.

Asha’s platform is revolutionary, urging others to embrace color unapologetically. A job at Kate Spade revealed her love for bold, vibrant designs.

Location: New York

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Beauty, Family, Fashion, Food, Home, Luxury, TikTok, Travel, Wellness

Tyler Whitley


Active Platform: TikTok, Instagram
Total Reach: 223K+

“Authentic Narratives of an Everyday Mom”

Meet Tyler, a talented visual storyteller capturing life’s essence through narratives of motherhood, marriage, travel, beauty, and parenting. With a keen eye, she inspires refreshingly authentic connection and joy in everyday moments. With millions of TikTok views, Tyler’s relatable stories empower and educate, fostering a sense of community globally.

Location: DMV

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Food, Home, Music, TikTok, Wellness

Wesley Taylor


Active Platform: TikTok, Instagram
Total Reach: 264K+

“Your Cozy Cousin”

Thriving in CozyTok, where plants, records, and coffee blend harmoniously. Meet our cozy cousin, Wesley, a plant-loving, interior-decorating, food-cooking, record-collecting, coffee enthusiast residing in Chicago. He shares his love of plants, interiors, and food at the intersection of his curated music collection, and coffee brewing tips to create a cozy and welcoming space right on your feed. Join him on CozyTok to embrace a cozy lifestyle and create a warm, welcoming space to relax and find joy in life’s simple pleasures.

Location: Chicago

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Beauty, Fashion, Home, Luxury, Speaker, TikTok, Wellness

Alyssa Davis

Active Platform: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Podcast
Total Reach: 256K+

“Being made whole”

Meet Alyssa, a self-care and lifestyle creator, on a journey to become the most healed, highest version of herself. She started her digital platforms as a means of finding like-minded communities. And because she was ready to share her transformation and explore the journey to “being made whole” out loud. As a 25-year-old entrepreneur, corporate employee, daughter, friend, sister, and many other relatable roles, she made it her mission to make her lessons valuable on social platforms.

Location: Houston

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Beauty, Culture, Fashion, Luxury, Travel

Hali Oduor

Active Platform: Instagram, TikTok
Total Reach: 116K+

“Explore the World in Luxury”

Meet Hali Oduor, a wanderlust influencer celebrated for her ability to capture breathtaking content. Born in Kenya, she has graced the streets of NYC but feels most at home exploring every corner of the world. From Dubai to Arusha, she has been awed by the beauty of different cultures and the luxury of travel. Her passion for fashion is seen in her love for high-end and sustainable fashion, showcased in the mesmerizing visuals she creates. Above all, Hali Oduor is known for her kindness and positivity, spreading joy wherever she goes.

Location: Global

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Fitness, Food, Wellness

Monique Collier

Active Platform: Instagram, TikTok
Total Reach: 1M+

“There’s nothing you can’t do”

Monique is a firefighter, runner and fitness trainer as seen in Women’s Health, ESSENCE, and Madamenoire. Overcoming numerous life obstacles that many would see as impossible, Monique sees her fitness journey no differently. Monique is a clear example of what she says often “if you put your mind to it, there’s nothing you can’t do”. Her platform allows you to watch Monique embrace the journey to a dream deferred, not denied. Her community consists of women who are looking to change their lives. Initially inspired by her running, fitness, and athleticism, but later realizing that she’s much more than that.

Location: DMV

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Culture, Fashion, Fashion Week, Food, Home, Luxury, Speaker, TikTok

Brittany Jernigan Seahorn

Active Platform: Instagram, TikTok
Total Reach: 100K+

“Hold space for intention and balance”

Brittany is a content creator, laboratory Informatics consultant, photographer, and videographer. She was born and raised in Houston, TX, where she resides with her husband, Keenan. Fashion, sneakers, nail art, home decor, and home bartending are the passions embodied in BeeStiing the brand. She strives to show up on social media with intentional, honest content that makes her audience feel part of a family by holding space for balance.

Location: Houston

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Culture, Entertainment, Music, Speaker

Brandon McCadney

Active Platform: Instagram, TikTok
Total Reach: 232K+

“A work in progress”

Meet Mad Keys, a talented music producer specializing in multi-instrumental alternative hip-hop. His soulful sound is characterized by unquantized rhythms and rich, melodic instrumentation. Not only has he collaborated with several up-and-coming artists in his hometown of St. Louis, but he’s also produced music for renowned brands such as New Balance x Bricks & Woods, Grazia Magazine, ViacomCBS, YAMAHA, and Instagram.

Location: DMV

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Family, Fashion, Home, TikTok

Nia Lynn Wells

Active Platform: TikTok, Instagram
Total Reach: 149K+

“My family is my aesthetic”

Nia is a devoted mother and wife who shares her passions for lifestyle and beauty on TikTok. Her family is her inspiration and motivation, and she finds joy and love in everything she does for them. Alongside her husband, she parents her beautiful daughter Zara and enjoys featuring her on her channels, whether it’s showcasing her OOTD, taking on new adventures together, or sharing her latest life lessons. Nia is a powerful and authentic woman who values connection and cherishes her family above all else.

Location: DMV

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Beauty, Fashion, HBCU, Home, Music, TikTok

Joy Navon

Active Platform: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok
Total Reach: 177K+

“Maximalist design in our eclectic apartment”

Meet Joy, a talented lifestyle and interior design creator based in NYC with a passion for inspiring modern city apartment dwellers. She shares both solo and viral couple content with her husband, Kent, showcasing their love for design, home, love, and style. Joy’s beautifully curated content is of high-quality and is a perfect fit for many brand partners looking to inspire their audience.

Location: New York

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Fashion, Fitness, Food, Gen Z, Home, TikTok

Libby Christensen

Active Platform: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube
Total Reach: 1M+

“A bad day is still a luxury”

Libby’s online presence offers more than what is immediately apparent. Her motivational pep talks, aspirational workout routines, daily vlogs, and fitness progress updates are genuinely inspiring and showcase her love for wellness and fitness. Her unrelenting positivity and commitment to assisting others in achieving their ambitions make her stand out. What distinguishes her is her playful and carefree demeanor, which she applies to everything, from cooking to organizing her home, resulting in her audience being motivated to improve themselves each day.

Location: Houston

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Beauty, Fashion, Fashion Week, TikTok

Amber Nicole

Active Platform: Instagram, TikTok
Total Reach: 792K+

“Confidence is key”

Amber Nicole is a thriving beauty entrepreneur and a dedicated advocate for holistic well-being. She loves out-of-the-box fashion + beauty as she aims to stand out on her own terms on the bustling streets of Chicago and New York. Her life took a turn at the age of 10 when she was diagnosed with vitiligo, a condition that she embraced as a unique part of herself, setting her on a path of self-discovery.

Location: New York, Chicago

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Beauty, Food, TikTok, Wellness

Diana Ajih

Active Platform: Pinterest, Instagram, Blog, TikTok
Total Reach: 200K+

“Everyday fulfillment”

Diana is a native Los Angeles blogger who provides lifestyle content for everyday women so they can design the life they want and love. Her goal is to inspire women to find personal fulfillment in their everyday life. Her blog, Hot Beauty Health is a lifestyle blog where readers can find lifestyle content that brings them joy in areas such as beauty, fashion, home, wellness, travel, food, work/productivity, finance, and a healthy dose of her lifestyle musings. Her site has been featured on Popsugar, Elle Magazine Malaysia, Daily Buzz Style, The Daily Mail, Chicago Sun-Times, Reuters, and the Village.

Location: Los Angeles

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Beauty, Culture, Entertainment, Fashion, HBCU, TikTok

Nya Bryanna

Active Platform: Instagram, TikTok (couple), TikTok (personal)
Total Reach: 220K+

“Whatever you do, do it confidently”

Nya is an influencer, actress, and content queen sharing a peek into her fashion, beauty, and hair with a comedic and entertaining twist! She’s a newlywed, just married to her husband Kye, and also creates beautiful content online celebrating Black love and marriage. She’s out to empower women to love the life they live and to do it confidently.

Location: New York, DMV

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Beauty, Fashion, Fashion Week, Gen Z, Home, TikTok

Ayana Hyman

Active Platform: TikTok, Instagram
Total Reach: 434K+

“Your beauty bestie”

Ayana is a cherished member of the GenZ TikTok community who has earned the title of “Internet Big Sister” due to her informative and captivating makeup content. Her friendly demeanor, impeccable makeup techniques, and beauty advice make visiting her corner of TikTok a truly enjoyable experience. Ayana has partnered with renowned brands like Sephora, Nordstrom, Well People, Beauty Counter, and Urban Skin RX, generating viral direct-to-camera content that is simply unmissable.

Location: Atlanta

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